Neowin: Das Keyboard Professional S review


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Computer users in the 1990s may remember the IBM Model M keyboard for varying reasons. The Model M was a mechanical keyboard, providing a highly audible feedback as a result…

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Picked one of these bad boys up for myself last fall, and while it was a little louder than I expected at first it is certainly growing on me.


I've been using the Ultimate Model S Silent for about six months. Das will give students a 15-20% discount (I don't recall the exact amount) so make sure to contact them before you buy.


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For me it's not the noise it makes which is not much. It's the tactile feel. I got mine first but wife had to have one soon after. She's does a lot of school work on it and wouldn't have anything else.


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Looks nice, $130 pretty decent price as well. Iv already bought few months back my G110 and Naga so no monies for new peripherals only PC hardware, but il keep an eye out for DAS. Great article ;)


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DAS is garbage. The gloss and LED is annoying in quality in general is terrible. If you're going to spend +$100 on a keyboard, spend a little more for a Filco keyboard.

Also, Model M uses buckling springs not cherry keys.