Netflix streaming on the Wii goes disc-free


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Nintendo has announced that Netflix streaming is now disc-free on the Wii. Americans and Canadians alike will be able to download and install Netflix from the Wii Shop Channel for free, assuming they've got a Wii, a broadband Internet connection, and have signed up for the subscription, which starts at USD $8.99 (or CAD $7.99). The downside is that HD streaming still isn't available on the Wii, unlike on the Xbox 360 and the PS3.

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Does it make sense? Does the Wii even play DVDs yet? How many people have HDTVs now? Why do I have to pay to hook my Wii up via ethernet? I hate that I hate my Wii... but I really do. I've always loved all the previous Nintendo consoles. Even my 6 year old complains about the graphical capabilities (or lack of) of the console. This wasn't an attack on you Unreal - just a rant about my issues with Nintendo.



Does it make sense?

Does the Wii even play DVDs yet?
No, but that has nothing to do with streaming movies.

How many people have HDTVs now?
Does it matter? Perhaps I'm not understanding your question here.

Why do I have to pay to hook my Wii up via ethernet?
1. You don't have to pay to hook your wii up to your connection...just connect to your router wirelessly
2. If you don't want to go wirelessly, ethernet cables aren't that expensive and are easy to hook up.

Just wanted to throw my 2 cents in there. I do agree though that the graphics on the wii so great, lol. I regret having bought my wii...sort of.....mario cart makes it worth it, lol.


HD vs 720P whatever...... its just a numbers game. Thank you free enterprise.


Oh Yeah did I forget to mention that my Wii on a wireless connection works flawlessly with three other PC connected to the same wireless network. Ethernet connections are so yesterday.


When you bought the Wii you knew it only supported SD video, right? Did you think Nintendo would one day send you a new HD GPU for the Wii? SD capable devices supported SD. HD capable devices support HD. If you want HD you have to use a device that supports HD. It really is plain and simple.