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Network printer Canon IR3300 stops working frequently

By zillah · 8 replies
Dec 22, 2009
  1. Hi Experts

    I have got a client who has a Canon IR3300 network printer shared on a server 2003 (AD environment)

    I shared the printer (it has a static ip address

    There are 7 client (means 7 workstations windows XP SP3 ) , all of them can print (yes they can print without any problem) without any problem.

    All of the sudden next day when they try to print a message pops up (I can not recall an exact phrase for the message) that printer cannot print check printer driver or connectivity or a printer is powder on ,,,,I forgot what the exact word of the error message

    What I use to do, if I ask the user to log off and log on again or restart a PC he/she can print …….I do not why !!!!!

    I disabled a firewall on all PCs (although firewall has configured for File and Printer Sharing Exception).

    When the printer does not print still I can ping the printer and display web page of the printer by from all workstations

    Services > Printer Spooler is running automatically

    When a domain user can not print and if I check the printer properties ( right click )

    Printer properties cannot be displayed. The print spooler service is not running
    But if a user domain can printer then there is no such an error message as above

    What type of troubleshot should I carry out to solve this issue ?

    I have been in this situation for 2 weeks and it is really embarrassing every day I receive a call the printer is not working.

  2. zillah

    zillah TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 43

    I have just check one of the workstation to test the printer again and I received this error



    Please be aware that a domain user can not run this :

    1. Click on Start button
    2. Choose Run
    3. type in “Services.msc” without the quote marks
    4. Enter
    5. Scroll to Print Spooler – should show if spooler is running
    6. Select
    7. On left side, click start or restart
  3. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,839   +193

    Pretty expensive printer there to keep on going down all the time. Did you install this printer or did Canon Expert come out to do it? If not when you installed it did you change the Power Safer Mode under the configuration tab? The Canon should power backup and recover to a none idle state, but it sounds like it not doing that thus everyone calling you to say 'PRINTER IS DOWN AGAIN!"

    On the AD side you I am sure your using some sort of Enterprise grouping for Printers models correct? If so can RE-push UPDATED Canon IR3300 driver updates to user client systems via by ID or system profile is either option the way you have it setup on your domain. You need to send a tech down to that department where that NP is and have them run some test. This should be done during non-productive times either at lunch or after work. You really need to isolate this problem otherwise it won't get cleared-up. Did you check also the NP logs for errors on the unit itself. Need to look up those codes. If you this printer is under Canon lease agreement you can have Canon send out a license Service Expert Tech to check to see if it's working 100% or in your case it's not working correctly.
  4. zillah

    zillah TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 43

    Thanks tipstir for your help and troubleshooting

    Authorized dealer came on site and did maintenance to the printer , and I had just assigned ip address and the driver was already installed on the server by previous IT guy.

    No, nothing like that.
  5. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,839   +193

    Can you go a visit that NP check power safer mode settings and error logs in the Canon.
    Also prior IT guy is that person still there or not but think prior I guess not.
    Have you check for the most current drivers though. Still some setting on this multi-function printer on either printer side not function right. So I take it you have grayed out all control function on the user side. Can you telnet into the printer or do you have the Canon Administration of the NP through a IP on a web browser.
  6. zillah

    zillah TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 43

    Could you please advise where can i find these two options through the printer display screen ?

    I will try that , but I am thinking to remove the current driver first and assure nothing left in the registry, then install fresh driver and most updated one. may be the link below will help for uninstalling current driver

    Yes I do have that , and I will try to telnet to the printer as well

  7. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,839   +193

    The NP driver should be on the server side? So you just add the PRTD to each system over the network thus no need to walk to each PC to load the PRTD. (Get the drivers from Canon)

    Don't you have the step-by-step quick guide manual attached to that Canon. If not call them up and order one or if you're leasing the Canon then call up CS and let them walk you through it the steps. But really these Canons like HP and Xerox have easy menus to select through. You first go offline then go through the menu. You must tell the department heads that the Canon is going to be taken offline while you work on it. Otherwise another call to you saying "PRINTER IS DOWN AGAIN!"
  8. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 12,495   +1,431

    the eventvwr.msc on the system with that printer attached should show the printer status
    changes {online vs offline} if that's the issue.
  9. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,839   +193

    Best to configure these from the source. User desktops if configured correctly won't have access to change settings for this mult-media unless it's not grayed out. Still this problem with these type of multi-function printers are not common they do happen. I always find it that the power saver is the issue or driver issue. But in this case an in any case you need to check the source error logs and print them out at the source. Suppose to have hand book on this unit to tell you what the log codes are showing thus helping fix the issue. If this is still lease then call in Canon to fix the issue.
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