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Mar 23, 2010
  1. Hello everyone,
    I have encountered an issue with my network a few days ago. I have a single cable modem(provided by my ISP) wired to a linksys router (bought on my own). The thing is, my IP has been blocked from a game company (Nexon-Combat Arms, if anyone knows), for no apparent reason. The curious thing is that one day it is blocked, and the next day it is unblocked, and then the next day or two it is blocked again, and so it goes.
    So through searching, I came across on how to change IP Addresses, which apparently Static IP's cannot be changed, as of Dynamic IP's can. So to check whether I had one or the other, I came across that I had to go into the command prompt and type: ipconfig /all. According to the result and the forum, if there was a line like "DHCP Enabled: Yes" meant the IP Address is Dynamic, and "DHCP Enabled: No" of course meant Static.
    The funny issue with this though, is that in one of my computers it shows DHCP Enabled: Yes and the other computer shows DHCP Enabled: No, when they are both connected to the same wireless router and have the same IP Address, according to the website whatismyip
    I as well tried contacting my ISP( to see what could be done, and they said the IP's are assigned the time the modem is installed, and that the lease expires every 24 hours. It is tricky to know when will I be blocked and when not. My question is, how can I know how are the IP's rotating around that one day I get a blocked one and the next day not? Also, how come one of my computer shows "DHCP Enabled: Yes" (Dynamic IP) and the other shows "DHCP Enabled: No" (Static IP)?
    Thanks a lot :)
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    Hi DanielGJ


    1. When you look at ipconfig, you;re looking at how IP addresses are configured/assigned by your router to your computers on your home network vs.
    2. This is totally independent of whether your ISP assigns you a dynamic or static address internet IP (you can't control that) (i.e. how your ISP assigns the IP address to your home network)

    You can see the current IP address assigned by your ISP to your home network using

    So your ISP is totally in control as to what IP address they assign and when they want to change it. HOWEVER.. one method to try to get a new dynamic IP (that i find sometimes works depending on the ISP):

    Unplug your cable modem for several hours (such as overnight).

    /* edit */
    Once your ISP thinks you gone offline for awhile they may decide to reallocate the IP address and give it to someone else. Then when you finally reconnect your cable modem they'll give you a new available IP address
  3. DanielGJ

    DanielGJ TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for the answer LookinAround.
    I understand what you mean with ipconfig results being independent from what my ISP assigns. Although, what I don't understand is, why one day I receive an IP Address completely different than the one from the day before, and then it jumps back to the one I had before. It is in constant change between two different IP's, yet always the same two, like a circle cycle. For example, two days ago my IP was something like, and just yesterday my IP was something like and just before coming across this website it went back to the, and now that I have just checked it's something like again. This change occurs in a short lapse of time. I do turn the modem off overnights, as for power saving. Does this have anything to do? I have heard that most people leave the modem on overnight, is this better for the modem or is it better to give it a rest only once a week or so, like I have heard?
    Thanks again. I appreciate it.

    Edit: Considering this, is there any possibility that my ISP is messing around with the configs?
  4. LookinAround

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    As regards your ISP keeps changing your internet IP address: ISP may decide to change someone's IP address for good (or ridiculous) whatever reason they want (As i recall the DHCP dynamic IP address assignment protocol, it allows the ISP change your IP address in as little as every 4 hours if they wanted to!)

    IP addresses are routinely changed when ISPs service equipment on a subnet your IP address is part of or when they think you're offline (so they might reassign the IP address to someone else) but otherwise can't guess why they might alternate back and forth IP other to say there's no reason why they can't (if that's what they want to for whatever reason)

    They may change your internet IP address and affect things between them and your cable modem/router but they can't/don't change any settings between your router and your home computers.

    /* edit */
    i don't think there's any problem in shutting your cable modem on and off if you want to.
  5. hughva

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    It's possible the game company is blocking that IP for some reason-terms of use violation, cheating etc. This may have been due to some other user's violation.
    Just leave your modem on when you get a good IP. I doubt it uses enough juice to worry about.
  6. DanielGJ

    DanielGJ TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for the reply.
    I have tried leaving my modem on and either way the ip changes. I've been playing around and contacted my ISP and my ip is now unblocked, but the funny thing is that I get lags on the game and when changing server I disconnect. I've tried testing my ping and speed on many diff testing sites and they seem to be fine and when I download something and browse the net I is very decent. I told my ISP this and they said it might be a problem with the power levels the modem receives. Although today the tech support guy came in today and said the levels were fine. Another option they gave me is that there might be some ports closed that the game needs open. I wonder now, how could I check which ports the game uses to tell my ISP if they could get them unblocked. I have searched on google and the only way I found is to do netstat -a and netstat -o on the command prom
    although I don't see the application there. Any suggestions.
    Thanks again.
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