New build will not start

By derson69
Sep 28, 2008
  1. motherboard: gigabyte s-series GA-M57SLI-S4
    processor: AMD Athlon 64 x2 6000
    power supply: Logisys 650w ATX12v / eps12v
    1.1.tb sata hard drives
    120gb ide hard drive
    4gb corsair ddr; 2 gb ballistix ddr

    Hi everyone. I sure hope someone out here can help me cause I am completely baffled by my computer. Last week we had a terrible windstorm caused by hurricane Ike barrelling through ohio. I've had this computer up and running with no problems for close to 8 mths when i last installed the new motherboard and processor and upgraded the memory. during the storm my computer shut off. When the power to my home was restored I tried to restart my puter. the fans would start and shut off immediately. So i purchased a new power supply thinking the brown out destroyed mine. Still wouldnt start. So i purchased a new mobo and cpu. Same thing. I push the power button and the fans turn and shut off immediately. I removed everything from the case to be sure there are no shorts from the case. I only hooked up the psu, the mobo, the cpu and the fan for the cpu. Same thing happens. I assumed there was a problem with one of my new items so i returned everything and got all new. but the same thing happens. I have probably built 40-50 puters in the last ten years and have run into everything problem imagineable but have never had this happen to me before. Can anyone tell me what could be a possible problem or where I should turn to next for help?
  2. derson69

    derson69 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok. i used an old board to test the power supply and it powered up the old board. i then removed the cpu from the new mobo and i can get the new cpu cooling fan to run off the new board about every third time i jumper the start pins. as soon as i reinstall the new cpu it will not start again. has anyone ever gotten two bad cpu's in a row? I'm ready to take the whole thing to micro center where i purchased everything and let them try to get it to run. anyone have any other ideas?
  3. manacloud1

    manacloud1 TS Rookie Posts: 21

    whenever you run into problems like this you need to start from the basics and work your way up to the final product.

    I suggest removing everything and attaching it outside your case on the metal antistatic bag your motherboard came it. What i think happened was when the storm hit your power it shocked your case. This is a rare occassion but it does happen, it causes the computer case to have a charge which short circuits your motherboard.

    So i would connect everything outside your case, and use the wires inside the case such as powersw, hdd, and resetsw connect that to the mobo.

    then connect everything slowly , the cpu, then the ram, then the hd , then the graphics card.

    power it up and run it . If you get a signal good stuff. if not your motherboard is defective. But since you are getting new parts and they still dont work this is the only solution i can think of. Hope it helps.
  4. derson69

    derson69 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I appreciate your reply manacloud 1 but have tried all that several times! BUT I discovered what the problem was. I took everything back to microcenter again and talked with one of thier techies. He did a search on gigabyte and discovered that the revision of my motherboard (2.0) did not support my cpu without flashing the bios. He explained that i could use an older cpu to start the board and then flash the bios and install the new cpu at that time. Does this sound correct? Nevertheless I got a new board and cpu and I'm back up and running again.
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