New DVD burner causes big problems

By Strife7650
Aug 13, 2008
  1. I recently got my hands on a Pioneer burner internal (Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-111D), after installing it onto my desktop computer, my other DVD Burner a BenQ (BenQ DVD DD DW1620), was uninstalled and got the error code 39, saying that the drivers are either corrupted or are missing, and no matter how many times I try and reinstall the drivers or anything like that, it fails, also even my virtual disc drive I had using Daemontools lite, wouldn't work either. I've tried removing the burner and going back to my original setup and have tried replacing the old burner with the new one, it still gets all those issues regardless. Everything else works completely fine, but I have no disc drives aside from an old floppy drive now. Please give me some advice to fix this, any help is much appreciated!

    Just FYI, have a custom pc with a PC Chips model M963G with XP SP2 I have 2 hdd ( a 120 gig and a 250 gig) then an external 500 that i connect every so often, I have an Nvidia 6200 video card and a diamond type sound card, the model number of that escapes me but it was the cheapest sound card they had.
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