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Which one is the best gaming CPU

  1. FX-6300

  2. CORE i3-4330

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  3. A8-6600K

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  4. A10-5800K

  5. Athlon II 750K

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  6. CORE i3-4130

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By farisibakir
Dec 10, 2013
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  1. Hi, I want to upgrade my computer for gaming.
    I want to play games like BF4 , PES 14 , Minecraft , Crysis 3 , GTA V on medium setting with no lag.
    I only need help with the CPU and the MOTHERBOARD.
    Not with the old graphic card,ram,display,mouse,cooler,keyboard...
    These are my current spec:
    Video Card:ATI Radeon HD 5770
    RAM:2x4GB 1600MHz
    OS:Windows 8
    Hard Disk:250 GB
    I am from Bosnia so I dont have a lot of options.
    My budget is very low and I dont buy online.
    These are the CPUs I have available:
    CORE i3-4330
    CORE i3-4130
    CORE i3-3250
    CORE i3-3245
    Athlon II 750K
    CORE i3-3240
    CORE i3-3220
    Athlon II 740
    CORE i3-3210
    PENTIUM G3420
    CORE i3-2100
    PENTIUM G3220

    The prize range for the CPU is lower then these processor.
    I want you to choose the best processor from the list, and a new motherboard for that CPU.
    Motherboard should be the cheapest to support 4xDDR-1600.(I think it is the only important thing)
    Is the motherboard important??
    I didnt buy anything yet because I am waiting for someones detailed explanation.
    I am quite new at this, but I have did a lot of research and I think the best combination is:
    CPU:AMD FX-6300

    I already have the HD 5770 so I am not changing it any time soon.
    Just tell me whats the best processor on the list, and a cheap motherboard for it?
    I already posted thousand times so I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP!!!
  2. GhostRyder

    GhostRyder This guy again... Posts: 2,198   +593

    Heres the issue, an HD 5770 is very dated at this point and will hinder you the most in gaming. Its passmark score is only 1600 which is very low by todays standards and wont let you play BF4 on Medium except at a resolution lower than 1080p.

    With your selection of CPU's I would get the FX 6300 as that's going to be you best bet honestly from the list you provided. With your motherboard selection, that should be more than fine as well, though I normally would shoot for a 990FX chipset if you could.

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