New hard drive not recognized

By newbie1 kanobi
Jan 10, 2009
  1. Hi all, new to the forums. Was researching a problem and came across this board, and saw problems that were similar to mine but not quite. I'm working on a Dell XPS 400, we were wipping the drive and reinstalling XP, but as we got to the point to sellect a partition, it would say cannot write to the partition, and then we tried deleting it and it wouldn't allow it. So we got a new hard drive, the original one was only 80 GB, and we saw one for 320 for a great price so we scooped that one up. As we went on settting up the new drive, we came to the point again to select a partition, but there were none to choose from, and pressing enter brought us that notorious BSOD, stop code 0x0000008e, went back and forth with the installation cd, seeing if we missed something but nothing. Then i realized a problem as i'm looking inside the tower, the master was set to SATA 0 controller, but we had it plugged into SATA 1, changed that then i got a different stop code, this time it was 0x0000007f. Gave up on the new drive and went back to the old one and saw that he overlooked partition 2, which i used to install XP. Any ideas as to why the new hard drive wasn't recognized?? was it because it was so much larger than the original 80GB?
  2. kimsland

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    It may need a Bios update to see larger Harddrives
    By the way it's best to start with no partition before installing Windows
    And never manually create a partition, just let Windows automatically create a setup one

    Here's all info on Dell computers (Drivers\warranty\parts you name it ;) )
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