New laptop network sharing problems

By resu
Dec 7, 2008
  1. Hi,

    Ive just bought a new netbook thing, thought it would be good for a removable car PC solution.

    anyway ive been trying to connect to the shared harddrives on my home wired network .. and although i can connect to all my other computers through VNC etc i can't seem to connect to shared drives?

    this is the only computer that i have had this problem with. I have made sure that its on the same network etc ..

    i dont really have a clue with networks so thats why i am asking for any advise that could help me solve the issue.

    The OS for my other PCs are Windows MCE but my new lappy is Windows XP Home.
    I don't know if that could be the problem here?

    If you need anymore info then just ask and i'll try and get it for you.

    oh all my PCs are connected through a 16 or 18 way switch (a bit over kill i know but i got it for free from work). all i have done in the past is right click on the HDDs i want to share and then share it. to connect to them i click Tools > map network drive > then navigate to the drive that i wanna connect to... but with this new lappy i cant find the shared HDDs :(

    thanks for reading

  2. Firedawg1971

    Firedawg1971 TS Rookie Posts: 39

    try changing the workgroup name to "workgroup" on Winxp home it is "MShome" On WinXP Pro (media center also) the workgroup name is "WORKGROUP"

    To change goto control panel and open System, Click on Computer name tab, click on the Change Button and in Workgroup enter WORKGROUP
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