New Qosmio from Toshiba


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This morning I was on the Toshiba website envying the current model of Toshiba's Qosmio series when the opportunity to chat live with a sales rep popped up on my screen. After picking and plucking at him for a good thirty minutes I was able to divulge a few facts about the new model that I discovered is due to release within the next three weeks on a Tuesday. What I learned is that its processor model will be upgraded (it seems like they are dumping the core-i5 model entirely) they are staying with the same screen size of 18.4'', the speaker manufacturer will stay the same, the aesthetics have been "drastically" revamped, and the price is going to hover around the same price that the current model is at. When it is released I'll try and remember to post a link to it on here, but I'll probably be so consumed with looking over every detail of it that I wont leave the site for a few weeks...or months. So in short if you are interested in purchasing a desktop replacement notebook I would wait a few weeks and see what is released under the Qosmio model, just to make sure you're getting your money's worth on what ever you get.