New RAM not working properly

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Sep 21, 2009
  1. ok this one is really strange. currently i have a toshiba A135-S2276 laptop, there is 1.5 G of ram (2 chips 1g n 512M). i tried to replace the 512M chip with a 1G chip to max out the RAM on the laptop. when i put it in the machine does not recognize it, i know its not the slot since it sees the 512M chip. i even place the new chip in by itself and it is seen. this is the second 1G chip i have tried and they were 2 different brands, the last brand is the same as the other 1G chip i have. is there something else that needs to be done to recognize it. i tried going into the bios but there is nothing in the bios with regards to memory......any ides
  2. almcneil

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    Some MoBos are fussy about memory speeds. For a few MoBos, if the modules are of different speeds, it won't read them or only the slower one. Other MoBos can handle ram mods of different speeds. Also, and yes this is strange, there is the rare MoBo in which the slots do not address the same size of memory. I had one computer that one slot could hold 1GB max and the other 512MB. Yes, weird but true. I only encountered that once though.

    Check the speeds of the ram modules. If they are different check the hardware manual to see if the MoBo needs them to the same.

    -- Andy
  3. Terryg

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    the ram that i am using is the correct ram as per the specs of the laptop
  4. almcneil

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    Both ram modules are the same specs, just different manufacturers?

    -- Andy
  5. Terryg

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    the first ram i tried was different manufacturers, the second was the same but they do look different i cangt read the label on the older ram. im thinking returning it and going to the same place i bought the other 1g and trying that.
  6. almcneil

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    Yes, the ram mods are not identical. Exchange the older one for another one like the new one. Everything should work then.

    -- Andy
  7. Terryg

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    ok now im understanding about the speed....i just went to a site for ram and they gave me a list....with 2 different speeds so im guessing the older one i have is at a different speed than the newer one 533 - 667. ok thanks a bunch i will let you know how it turns out.
  8. Tedster

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  9. Terryg

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    Thanks ALMCNEIL i went lat night and got the duplicate RAM and that worked. now it seems all my troubles with this laptop have been with RAM.....
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