New SandForce controllers promise up to 500MB/s transfers


TS Evangelist
Fresh off the recent third-generation Intel SSD spec leak, SandForce has announced a new line of controllers that promise to bring faster speeds and support for new flash memory types. The new SF-2000 family of solid-state drive processors builds upon the success of the SF-1500 and SF-1200 series used in many of today’s popular drives, such as OCZ’s Vertex line, by adding things like support for 6Gbit/sec SATA connectivity, DuraClass technology for improved r...

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Darth Shiv

TS Evangelist
The Intel drive doesn't look too great on paper from what I've read. They expect sub 200MB/s write speeds and sub 300MB/s reads *yawn*. Gen behind already.


i highly doubt the consumer version of the sandforce drive will be doing 500/500 and will wait for a proper product review because those drives slow down when they hit data they cannot compress.

Also it looks like intel's goal is to reduce prices and increase capacity. Which is what the market wants right now not performance increases.