New SATA Drive not detected in Windows

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My problem for weeks, installed WD 320gb Sata drive, pulled up My Computer and there it was. Duuuuuuuuuuh, moved all my files form my IDE drive, all showed up fine. Next thing I know, I can't find the SATA drive.
I assumed that the SATA drive was already formatted since it came up and I could work with files. Tech support said something about even though I had not formatted it I could still read the files. NOT SHOWING UP ANYWHERE EXCEPT IN THE BIOS. today it showed up as the next drive but said that it was not there, look other places.???????? A recent post suggested going into Peripheals in BIOS, enabloe the Raid..........did not...;..what a shock, there is the drive. right clicked on it and said that it had to be formatted,
now if that is the case I have lost umpteen folders, files, etc.
I started out with a PC Jr. so I am not totally stupid, just in certain areas.
Is there any way on this green earth that I can retrieve those folders off the SATA drive?


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i'm not entirely sure I understand your post, but i think you are missing the drivers for the SATA controller!!! (Go to the manufacturers site and download the Motherboard's latest drivers)..
some info on your PC would be helpfull (CPU, motherboard, graphics card, RAM etc.)..



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In Bios, is the 'Enhanced Mode Support' on 'S-ATA' and the 'IDE Port Settings' set as 'Primary P-Ata+S-Ata' ?
Drivers..........been there, done that. Several times, most posts with the problem with the SATA suspects the drivers, that is first thing I always do.
The change in the BIOS finally did it.
Now...did a full format twice and when attempting to partition the drive Power Quest showed the drive as 2nd drive and the selection window that shows the partitions on a drive has the model number of the SATA drive and then ....BAD
I have ABIt KN8 mobo WD 320gb HD SATA,
IDE drive is a WD 80gb with OS on it.
almost the same problem

i bought a new SATA to back my files up.

currently, i have an old motherboard and as i researched, my motherboard doesnt support sata hard disks. cant find any drivers needed. that is,, when im trying to make it as the primary master.

then, i tried making it as a secondary master, or slave. it worked, using my IDE hdd as the primary master, the windows(XP PRO) detected the sata hard disk(seagate barracuda).

but theres a problem, some of the articles ive read online suggested that i should "initialize"(initialize, in disk manager)the sata hard disk to make it functional in XP. but i didnt find any "initialize" command

(sometimes it is detected, sometimes its not)

this sata hdd is new, not defective

then.. i did a big mistake on converting it to a "Dynamic disk"
fortunately, i got it converted back into a basic disk

a new problem arises, everytime i format it, it will say "format did no successfully completed".. something like that.

and now ive tried restarting twice or thrice, now my SATA is gone.
the system cant detect it

in disk manager its not there
when the windows starts up(bios), detecting the secondary master which is my SATA, it cant be deteted. "not installed"
ive tried rebooting many times, but its still undetected, no signs of a new hard disk

seems like its hard to mix these new devices to old devices, new hdd to an old motherboard. ill post the answer here, if i found one

(im using a sata to ide adapter, and a sata to ide power cable too, but using these adapters isnt the problem)
PROB SOLVED! (SATA hard disk not detected)

gudmorning folks, its morning in here haha

i think the problem in your computer might be the registry, anyway i have the solution for the undected sata disk too.

this is for those who have P-ATA hard disk.and acquired a new SATA hard disk that cant be detected

first case:
in windows xp and older operating systems, the only supported or enabled size of a hard disk you can use is up to 160gigabytes(im not sure if thats the exact size but yeah, size is limited)
(not sure if its the windows or the registry)

to solve this, you should have a working hard disk(P-ATA or SATA, its up to you, all you need is to enter the windows so you can access the REGEDIT)

at the windows
click START, then RUN..
the "run" window will pop up, enter REGEDIT
now youre there ate the registry editor window, go here:


now youre at the "parameters", right click to the space, select NEW then select DWORD VALUE.
rename the DWORD VALUE to "enableBigLba"
after that, double click the "enableBigLba" then change the value data to "1"
leave the base as a hexadecimal
then restart your computer, then mount your sata hard disk and turn the pc on

that might solve the problem, youre sata hard disk might be detected.

second case:
But if its still not detected, not detected in Bios(at windows startup, im using windows xp pro, try hitting the the DEL key while the windows is starting up to enter the bios)
also not detected in Disk Manager. try this solution, it worked for me:
(this will enable you to use your new SATA as a slave, i havent tried making the SATA as the main system)

format the main partition of your P-ATA hard disk. (where the windows/operating system is installed)
(SATA hard disk shouldnt be mounted/connected while doing this)

then after the installation, turn the PC off, mount the SATA hard disk now(as a secondary master), turn the PC on with your P-ATA hard disk as the primary master

now at the windows, you might see a pop up window at the lower right, the window that pop ups when your system detected a new hardware

go to the disk manager(how to go there: right click "my computer", then click "manage", then click the "Disk management" )
you should see a new disk there, it may be "disk 1" (verify the size/capacity of your new sata hard disk to confirm its your new sata hard disk), now the SATA is there, right click your newly detected disk(the SATA! :stickout:), create a PRIMARY PARTITION then format that partition (do not create an extended partition/logical drive without creating a primary partition)

i got mine detected by doing that
anyway, this is the second post i created here, in my first post, youll see what problems i encounterd with the SATA hard disk.

i suggest, that you shouldnt make your new SATA hard disk as the main operating system if your motheboard is pentium 4 or lower, and also if your using a SATA to IDE adapter/converter(maybe the adapter is limiting the performance, file transfer of your sata). you can use your sata but with a limited performance, because your motherboard is old and it isnt manufactured to support sata, new motherboards supports sata hard disks, you wont need sata to ide converter in those

its like mixing a new device to an old one.


processor: Pentium 4
primary master: maxtor (P-ATA)
secondary master: Seagate barracuda (if your motherboard doesnt have the cables needed for your sata, buy a SATA to IDE adapter, then a SATA to IDE power cable)

hope this helps
and yeah, i saw that this is an old thread! but i still posted here hehe.
anyway there might still be users having the same problem, i google around and i didnt see any solution given.
here it is, hope you got in to this thread.
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