New Vaio BSOD all the time

By PaulaSGomes ยท 11 replies
Aug 28, 2009
  1. Hey guys,
    I just got a Vaio, this weekend, and I've already seen the BSOD more times than before in my entire life!!
    Can someone please help me? It's driving me crazy, it's a brand new notebook..

    The model is VGNFW490J. I'm attaching the problem report files and here's the additional info:

    Extra information about the problem
    BCCode: 1000007e
    BCP1: FFFFFFFFC0000005
    BCP2: FFFFF800025E0B81
    BCP3: FFFFFA60019D2798
    BCP4: FFFFFA60019D2170
    OS Version: 6_0_6001
    Service Pack: 1_0
    Product: 768_1

    I don't understand much about computers.. but I've tried the basics (troubleshooting drivers and stuff) and it all seems ok.

    The problem usually occurs in the first 20 minutes after I turn the notebook on, for about 3 to 4 times.. and then it stops and the notebook goes back to working continuously.

    Please please please somebody help me! I have no idea what I should do to solve this!

    Thanks a lot!

    PS: I just tried loading the report files, but they're all bigger than 200kb.. any suggestions there too?...
  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    If it is still new, give it back to Sony to fix RIGHT... they get away with moider.
    Sony needs to know how many people are piffed off, and what is necessary for people to be happy about those VAIO laptops.
  3. PaulaSGomes

    PaulaSGomes TS Rookie Topic Starter

    the problem is.. I bought it in the US.. but brought it back to Brazil, where I live.. so I guess tech support is not really an option.. I was thinking maybe I could try to fix it myself..
  4. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    It appears to be a hardware problem... but the BCC codes are not familiar. Unfortunately any of a number of things can cause that error code, as it is really reporting a memory dump... and part of the code tells you of a device or a driver that is failing.
    It would be helpful to know more details about the configuration of your VAIO.... memory, CD/DVD player, video graphics, etc...
    Commonly reported items for your computer include: Memory parity error (is all the memory installed the same brand and speed?), optical drive error (can your uninstall and reinstall your CD/DVD player?), Video graphics driver or device is failing (does it have a separate video card installed?), External device connection error (do you have an iPod installed?), Security or scanner issue (commonly SpyBot or Adaware - if either are installed, remove them.), VISTA doesn't like the firewall - do you have Comodo or ZoneAlarm installed). Also the error is common on Sony AMD computers. What chip does yours have?
    Sorry this may not be much help, but we have to start somewhere.
    List anything you installed after purchase that has to do with running external devices, additional memory, drivers for other devices.
    I would start by removing one memory module, then see if the problem remains while using the other. Then switching memory modules and try again.
    And just so we know, look in your Device Manager for any yellow or red flags or alerts.
    We will find this problem if you have the patience to inform us.
  5. PaulaSGomes

    PaulaSGomes TS Rookie Topic Starter

    here is some more info:
    the problem code that appears on the blue screen:

    0x0000007E (0xFFFFFFFC0000005, 0xFFFFFF800026883AA, 0xFFFFFA60019EE708, 0xFFFFFA60019EE180

    does that help?

    Some additional info (don't know if those files already say this):
    Intel(R) Core(TM) Duo CPU T9900 @3.06GHz
    CPU Clock Frequency 3.07GHz
    System memory 4 GBytes
    Cache Memory 6 MBytes

    Product info
    Manufacturer Sony Corporation
    Model Name VGNFW490J
    Service Tag Number 9688498-3112577
    BIOS version R3100Y0
    OS version Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium

    The only new thing that was installed was a 500gb HD (7200rpm)

    If you need some addtional info, just tell me..
    thanks a lot!
  6. PaulaSGomes

    PaulaSGomes TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I also have here the links to the error report files.. but I need 5 posts so I can post links.. hold on... this is post 4...
  7. PaulaSGomes

    PaulaSGomes TS Rookie Topic Starter

    this is 5... still can't post links..
  8. PaulaSGomes

    PaulaSGomes TS Rookie Topic Starter

  9. PaulaSGomes

    PaulaSGomes TS Rookie Topic Starter

  10. mailpup

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    Despite where you bought the laptop, I would try contacting Sony tech support in Brazil to see if you can get warranty support. It can't hurt to try and if successful, you will save a ton of aggravation. I tried looking it up but once it turned into Portuguese I was lost.
  11. PaulaSGomes

    PaulaSGomes TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hey guys
    I think I've solved the problem here.
    I went to the sony site and started the online support by chat. There, I was instructed to restart in safe mode and then go to control panel, uninstal programs, view updates and then unninstal the following update: KB973879.

    So far, I haven't got the blue screen again, so seems to have worked. Apparently, this is a common issue with the Windows Vista and Microsoft is aware of it. So let's hope that when we upgrade to the windows 7 problems like this won't happen anymore..

    If there are any more updates here, I'll let you know.
    Thanks for all the help!
  12. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    Good one. Thanks
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