New W10 version finally being forced on 1809. So bullet biting time...


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An version upgrade is now forced on W10 Updates so looks like no choice any more.
Cloned 1809 to new 2TB M.2 for testing/keeping. (short story- clean install works, Upgrade resets every time)
The 20H2 upgrade "seemed" to take an hour and once it started the multiple rebooting it said "undoing changes" and back where I started.

After I reset the bios to "optimized" and other poking around, the W10 upgrade now dies in seconds...(a big time saver!)

Beginning to think the clean install will be the less painful option. :)

Now gotta figure out putting the 1809 install in a VM for easy access.

Oh, the clean 20H2 install no longer sees my second monitor.
This keeps getting better and better. ouch.

The old thread...I could not find an edit option(?) so, new thread.
"W10_1809, I'm, not being offered any W10 update to a new version, and EOS last May"


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Version 1809 was apparently plagued with issues so your thoughts about it being better to do a fresh install of the latest version sounds a good option. It isn't even providing you with a stable base for updating the OS.