New York Attorney General sets up sting operation to crackdown on fake online reviews

Justin Kahn

TS Addict
Fake and misleading reviews are everywhere online, and now New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman will be announcing a crackdown on a number of groups engaged in illegitimate review practices.

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TS Maniac
Sounds honorable, but waste of time. Maybe I don't know if there are any major illegal things going on in reviews... I think the online communities created by companies should develop better tools to deal with and flag "bad" reviews. It is a hard problem that will take an iterative solution to find something that will work.

It is important to also give real customers guidlines on how to make a review. Also, lots of people are willing to do these for free, but to get more quality to out shine the crap, we will need insentives. They don't need to be big, but rewards tend to work when you want positive behavior to continue.


IT Overlord
That why more places are following Neweggs model of verified owners. Tigerdirect, as much as I love them cons thier reviews badly. I've put in a couple reviews for some items I bought there, some of them small, some of them big ticket and only the positive reviews showed up.


TechSpot Chancellor
Normally you can spot the "homer" reviews pretty easily. Whenever I see overly-gushing reviews, or those that look like they were written up by a script-writer, then I skip them.

I wish Metacritic would do something about their user game reviews though. It's really hard to get an accurate assessment of a game because of all the kids who throw out nothing but ten's or zero's. There aren't probably 10 games total in the history of gaming that deserve a 10 or a 0 score. And for ridiculous stuff like, "This game is fun. Good graphics," gets a 10 score. Or, "they put in new characters instead of keeping the old ones," and that one gets a 0 score. Really obnoxious and not helpful at all to potential buyers.

Jad Chaar

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I am glad this is occurring. It saddens me to see bad reviews for restaurants me and my family love on services like Yelp. I see tons of reviews that dont line up and look fishy.


It's not whether the review is poor quality, but from people hired to post fake reviews. There are lots of people who write positive or negative reviews and are paid for it but they've never even used the product. It would be great if such deception was kept out of the customer reviews online.