Nielsen "TV household" ratings to include cord-cutters without TVs

By Rick
Feb 22, 2013
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  1. Nielsen will soon expand its TV ratings system to include online viewers, it told clients yesterday. Armed with its broadened definition of what constitutes a "TV household", Nielsen hopes to more accurately reflect modern day media consumption and advancements in technology...

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  2. treetops

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    Well it does tell you what shows you should probably keep on netflix, lol he acts like they don't even pay attention to what people watch on netflix, im sure they get a pretty penny for all the info they collect on their users viewing habits
  3. What???
    Shouldn't the content providers already have this information to a more specific and useful degree?

    I'm pretty sure Youtube, Netflix, SPstudios, Hulu,, and all the others already have this information. are on the way out. Data tracking is inherent in modern content providers, good freaking luck!
  4. The Nielsen ratings have NEVER, ever reflected what viewers are actually watching. The ratings have ONLY reflected what is being watched by people who could tolerate the Nielsen methodology.

    I had a Nielsen Diary and because of its time-consuming draconian requirements, I gave up after 4 days. They require you to mark in 15 minute segments what every TV in your house is doing. If you have a TV in your bedroom that only watch for 30 minutes at bedtime, then you have to mark it as "not being watched" every 15 minutes for 24 hours, every day for a week. Do you realize how tedious this becomes for every TV you have in your house?

    Lots of people have failed to complete their diaries. That is a stat Nielsen doesn't reveal. According to them, my 1 diary represented 60,000 people Well, 60,000 people couldn't tolerate their methodology. How many others were there?

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