Nissan, NYC unveil fleet of electric taxis to celebrate Earth Day

Shawn Knight

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Nissan has joined forces with the City of New York to unveil a fleet of electric cars that will be put to use as taxis in the Big Apple. The six Nissan Leaf taxis are part of a test program...

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Hehe. New York City unveils fleet of electric coal-pwered taxis to celebrate Earth day. :)

If they were only intelligent enough to realize what they have accomplished.


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Once everyone follows the suit, it will become the norm. Once it becomes the norm, the competition for electrics will stiffen. Once competition for the new market becomes cutthroat, innovation follows. Thus changing the world.


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Little known fact about electric cars (and windmills and other large electric motors) is that they use an element called neodymium which destroys the environment when it's mined. Although I guess, so long as it's destroying the environment in China, we can breathe easy in NY.

Anyway... they claim 100 miles to the charge... how much does that decrease when you're sitting in traffic or waiting for a fare?


" much does that decrease when you're sitting in traffic or waiting for a fare?"

MilwaukeeMike, you surprise me. The battery life is mainly affected while driving. Though sitting in traffic will still use it for A/C or radio, but to a fraction of a degree.


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Should be interesting to see how often they have to replace battery modules. As we all know constant usage cycling of batteries and the rapid charging will decrease their life dramatically.