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No audio device

By bjenk
Mar 3, 2010
  1. Just got my computer back for the computer genious that was able to retrieve all my files,,,I am very thankful, but no I do not have any audio. Under device manager this is the list:

    audio condecs
    legacy audio drivers
    legacy video capture devices
    media control devices
    video codecs

    under sound and volume it says I have "no audio device"

    so far I have gone to bios (i really don't know what to do once there) but I have click optimize and it did nothing. I do not believe I have a sound card, but I will look. I have also tried from device manager action scan for hardware change and nothing was found.


    I just opened my case and I do not see a sound card so it must be part of the motherboard


    under device manager -other devices was my audio and video controller both had a big yellow question mark. I right clicked on them and updated the drivers and have sound now.
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