No beep at startup

By Ksight3
Jan 17, 2011
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  1. Backstory - I recently purchased new parts for my rig, and just realized that my optical drives are old and still use IDE rather than SATA and have to wait.

    I was getting ready to replace my old mobo, and since I couldn't run the new hardware, put the old ones back together. I plugged everything back in, and all the sudden I get no beep (booting from HDD) and no signal on my monitor.

    During my first turn-on process, I briefly smelled something burning (I'm beginning to think this is the reason I'm having this problem)

    (The no-beeping doesn't change even if I remove my GPU which tells me it's a POST fail). I've done some background research on this, and none of them have really been fruitful.

    All my fans run when I turn it on (chassis, CPU, GPU, PSU)
    I haven't touched RAM
    I haven't touched my HDD
    I just reseated my CPU + CPU fan

    Also, another weird thing: I press the power button to turn on my PC, and it turns on (but doesn't boot obviously), but I can't turn it off by holding the power button. The reset button doesn't work either. (And yes the power / reset cords are plugged in correctly).


    Currently running RAIDMAX RX-700AC PSU
    GIGABYTE GA-MA770-UD3 mobo
    AMD X2 6000+ CPU
    EVGA 9800 Nvidia GT GPU

    if this helps

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