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Feb 9, 2010
  1. well basically my Dell Inspiron 1520 suddenly when opening internet explorer shut down with an error message all across a blue screen. Now when I try to restart the computer it loads for about 5 minutes or more before it makes a loud beep and says:
    No bootable devices--strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility
    Press F5 to run onboard diagnostics

    help please

    Edit: the beeping sound = 2 short beeps
  2. Archean

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    I think your system's bios is not reading the HDD; check the bios though to make sure.

    If it is listing it; it means it is detecting it but there are some issues.
  3. pepsi1

    pepsi1 TS Rookie

    If that doesn't fix it try to restore the hard disk to date before the crash---programs--accessories----system tools---restore
  4. Xthsun

    Xthsun TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I am very basic when it comes to computers, if someone could explain it in an easier way for me it would be appreciated
  5. pepsi1

    pepsi1 TS Rookie

    Getting to BIOS = PF2 or PF12, press before you get to the blue screen---see what has the highest priority---top of the list---follow the directions on the screen to move up the hard drive, or if using a boot disk (floppy), make sure it is the top choice. "Make sure you have no floppy or CD disk in your drives before doing any of this stuff.

    The error <<F2 for setup utility>> is taking you to the BIOS screen to see what devices it wants to try to boot from. If you are using a hard drive as your normal start, then make sure it is at the top of the list....see directions on how to move or change the priority on the bottom of that screen. Once you change it and want to save your changes hit enter or esc---whatever it tells you to do on the bottom of the screen...again have no floppy or CD disk in your drives...if this is a normal setup the computer wants to boot first from a floppy, then a CD, then a hard drive......

    Getting a restore point:
    Safe mode = pf 8, press that before you see a screen.--use this to get to a restore point---if you lost the Boot files in your hard drive you probably won't get a safe mode screen.
    The start menu at the left bottom it
    Choose programs from the drop down your mouse over programs and it will open up a list of don't have to click any buttons

    Go to accessories in the new menu--once you run your mouse over it it will display system tools
    When you run your mouse over system tools a list will appear,
    one being system restore--click it.
    A menu will appear with the choice to restore your system to an earlier that dot.--then next-----a calendar will appear with darkened dates----go to the last date darkened--presumable a day or two ago. Click a date that is darkened...this will be the day that everything gets returned to before the screw up with the system. Click next
    A menu will tell you what will be left out of the restore point---click next and let the system do the work for you....don't touch it until it reboots...a screen will tell you this is the new restored info.
  6. Xthsun

    Xthsun TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I did as you said and got the HDD to the top, but when I try to open safemode it stops at /windows/system32/drivers/crdisk.sys
  7. Archean

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    Are you using Encrypted Disk or something like that ?
  8. pepsi1

    pepsi1 TS Rookie

    Do you have a boot disk for a floppy drive? It should have come with your computer, or it should have told you how to make one on your initial install.
    If so go back in the the BIOS and select the floppy as you first boot device....

    It appears either your registry or the system 32 files got messed up causing your problem.

    It could be that some of your ram memory isn't being recognized. Turn off the computer. You probably have either two sticks or 4 sticks of ram. If two, pull one and make sure you ground yourself so there is no static charge...use the card edge to remove it keeping your fingers out of the circuitry. If you have four sticks two are white connector and two are black connector....pull the second white card, and the second black card. Put them on a smooth a cotton rag or T-shirt...something that doesn't pick up electrical charges.
    Apply power and see if it boots....if so, then do the restore. Once working properly, turn it off and re-install the ram you took should get a notice that new hardware has been installed. These are thin circuit boards about 4 or 5" long located close to the CPU unit, perpendicular to the motherboard---(main big board).
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