No display when I turn my computer on

By gir74
Feb 19, 2009
  1. Hi All,

    I have a problem with my computer where I turn it on and there is no display on the monitor. I have swapped monitors - still no good. A friend of mine told me to try a new pci video card. I have purchased one and put it in. I am still getting the same result. I believe that I may need to install the driver for this card but how can I do that if I cant see the screen. Sorry this may be a stupid question. I may need to remove the old driver aswell but I still cant see the screen. Could someone please help me? Your help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. raybay

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    What is the brand, model and configuration?
    If a laptop, do you have an external video graphics port on the back someplace? If so, borrow an older Desktop monitor with a plug that will fit in that socket and see if you get an image on that screen.
    Have you tried booting your computer in <SAFE MODE>? You depress the <ON> button then immediately depress <F8> repeatedly once per second.
    If it boots to safe mode and gives you a low resolution screen that you can read, please let us know.
    Then immediately go to Start->Control Panel->System->Hardware->Device Manager to see if there are any yellow or red flags on any of the devices.
  3. kimsland

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    Does the computer seem to boot up, ie you hear the Harddrive going etc ?
    If not have a look here: Tutorial: No POST (Power On Self Test)

    If it does seem to load up, do you get any display whatsoever, when first turning on?
    If so, then tap the F8 key at go to Safe Mode. Once in Safe Mode, go to Start->Run-> Devmgmt.msc, and remove your present video drivers

    If it does seem to load up, but you can't see any display even when it first starts up. Then you have a connection issue; re-check the connection fully, and any pins aren't bent or anything. And\or replace the video card, to test

    oh raybay replied
  4. Squiggly1

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    If you have another slot available that either of those video cards will fit in then you might try the different slot. Would be nice to connect the monitor to a known working computer and see if it's the monitor. Eliminate the easy things (monitor bad? Slot or connection bad?) first before you go on the wild goose chase.
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