No network/cannot renew IP address

By Lephelps78
Jan 18, 2012
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  1. Hi everyone. This is my first post here! Looked like a grreat site with smart people! ;)

    Ok so, for the first time in my life i purchased a decent computer (compared to what i have always had) and to try and make this a long story short the computer was running fine! Got home from work yesterday and when i went to log on it crashed and a window popped uo say windows has recovered from a serious issue or something close to that...? Then i restarted the PC and it wouldn't find an ip address. So i reformatted C: and re installed windows (xp) and still same result. The same error msg pops up. I have a picture of the error msg with all of the codes but. Ot sure how to post it as i am thping this from my iphone. So i am at a loss here! And any help would be much appreciated! I will list what i do know about the computer..

    Windows xp pro
    Intel dual core 2.0 ghz?
    2gb ram
    125gb HDD
    Geforce 8500
    It is sata? Cables
    Sorry i dont know much about computers but that is what i remember him telling me was in it. Thanks again!

    P.s i did try the run CMD ipconfig and the window just flashes wont stay open. I also tried the netsh ip reset with no luck.

    Error signature
    BCode 10000050
    BCP1 D4073849
    BCP2 00000000
    BCP3 80560950
    BCP4 00000000
    OSver 5_1 2600
    SP 3_0
    Product 256_1
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    Look for the OEM Recovery CD or a partition - - use it to recover instead of wipe and reinstall.
    The latter approach lost the OEM drivers and causes the symptom you see.

    WIPE & Reinstall should be the last desparate act with fixing a computer, especially for just a netowrking issue.
  4. Lephelps78

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    Thanks for the help guys! I ran the Winsock xp fix and that got things back to normal for me!

    Thanks again.

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