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"No Signal" Help please

By ZornTribune
Feb 24, 2009
  1. Hello everyone thank you for taking the time to read my problem.

    I am building my first computer, and first off here are my specs and what exactly I have in the computer.









    I recently bought all the parts. No I have not been able to test everything as its brand new. I had all the parts a couple of weeks ago but I only just got the video card today (2/24/09). When I started it before it made one short little beep. I believe the motherboard (from all the research I have done) has AWARD Bios, and one short beep means its fine and normal. No problems. Anyways I just got the video card and I put it in. Now here is the problem.
    I have plugged it up but when I put it to my monitor it says "no signal" I have an older monitor but that didn't work either. I have a couple of friends I know all of whom have built their own computers and they all say that if you don't have onboard video (which most of them don't including mine) than when you plug in the video card it will automatically work. My video card has two adaptors (I don't know what they are,) and two adaptors, one is HDMI and one is for VGA. My monitor is only compatible with the VGA. I had a DVI cable, but I'm searching for it at the moment. My old computer didn't suppose DVI, only VGA,
    I plugged the adaptor(VGA) on both of the adaptors to the video card and nothing. I have also tried the video card in both of the PCI Express 16 slots. When I boot the computer I can't honestly hear any beeb, form the POST, but the graphics card is so loud I'm not sure I simply can't hear the short beep. I can barely hear it with just the case fans going. I want so bad for it to be something I am doing wrong, but most of my research is telling me it appears I may have a bad card. I'm not really sure, because I"m not the most experienced person in the world. Is there anything else I can try? COuld my mobo be bad?
    I just want to be done, but of course my first build wouldn't go smoothly. Thanks for any help. I'll post back any updated information, such as if the DVI will work if I find the cable.

    Edit: sorry they aren't links. I can't link them due to not having the required 5 post limit :(

    Edit Edit: Sorry again, I tried the DVI cable which is actually what the card is and it still didn't work. After more tries I tried to boot the motherboard, CPU without RAM. It is kinda funny, because my father came in when I was turning the system on and off and I said I was hearing the POST beep. He used a straw and said he thought the beep was coming from the HDD. Mind you my father knows little to nothing about computers, but after I took everything else off and turned the system on with no RAM there was nothing. NO BEEPS! So I'm presuming from classes I've taken that now I may have a motherboard problem. SOrry for the complete misconception on my behalf. Is there any way to tell if it is in fact the motherboard, because still in certain places people say it could be the CPU being bad. I'm not really sure. I can RMA both items if I have too, but I would rather be positive of what exactly the problem is.

    PS: If the newegg above is confusing its just the website without the http :// www part. Its amazing that I have to put spaces in it just to get it to save.
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