No visuals on computer boot

By Waffe
Mar 14, 2014
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  1. Model: dx4870-ub308
    gtx 560 ti(evga)

    Today my brother was granted a hand-me-down gpu from a good friend of mine, and after attempting everything I know installing the card nothing seems to work. I get no visuals boot. The card seems to power up( the heatsink at least), but the card still gives no visuals. Installing the card was goofy as all hell.
    For some reason when apparently fully seated, the end of the card where the ports are, refuse to line up properly. There is about maybe a quarter of a inch gap. Seeing this makes me assume it is definitely not seated correctly. I re-seated about 6 plus times, it does not want to go in correctly(or so it seems). I am starting to think the gpu is far to big for this moba or the case is just poorly made.
    On top of everything the computer does not detect the gpu in any form on device manager or any other program. Installing the drivers won't work because it doesn't detect the gpu as well.

    Could it be a faulty psu?- idk
    Maybe the gpu just went because it was nold?- idk

    All I know is this is a friggin pain, maybe someone could help me out.

    (The gtx 560 ti was working on the current day when it was in my friends computer.)
    And yes I have plenty of power, 500wats, it was the same power supply from said friend's computer.

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