No wireless or wired drivers

By ttgavenged
Feb 23, 2012
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  1. Hi. i made a new partition in Win7 for WinXP and it installed fine from a disc.
    WinXP is awesome, but i have no internet. i took some pics of my device manager and more.
    please view them, and the comp is new, worked b4, has wireless, also both ethernet/network cards are picked up but not recognized. (drivers???)

    and real quick, i still have win7 on my main partition, how do i use Win7 FOR NOW until i find a solution? All help is appreciated thanks a lot!!!
    here are the pics i made

  2. LookinAround

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    What's the make and model of the computer? You'd do best looking at the support site from the computer maker. Look for the model under their support link. They should provide drivers that model computer.

    To get you started (and at least networked), it looks like your wired Ethernet connection is a Realtek device.

    Go to Realtek drivers HERE. Look through and select the XP driver entry that comes with the Auto Installation Program. Save the zip file to your Desktop, extract files and then run the Setup.exe file to install. p.s. The driver entry name reads: "WinXP, Win2K, Win2003 Auto Installation Program (SID:1483333)"

    /* EDIT */
    You can try to fix your dual boot config with EasyBCD (scroll to end of screen to find their free download link). The problem happened because you installed XP after Win 7 and XP overwrote the Win 7 bootloader. See HERE method #1.

    Good luck!

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