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Sep 29, 2011
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  1. I recently got this message after I had been using notepad for a while with .LOG at the beginning of the file, wanting to capture changes to my system. It is described in many articles on the internet on how to use.
    I am getting the message "Not enough memory available to complete this operation. Quit one or more applications to increase available memory, and then try again" when I first open the file.
    I don't feel it has much to do with my system but here are some specs:
    Vista HB SP2
    2 GB RAM
    >50% free hard drive space
    .txt file size 30K
    If I create a new file, all is OK. I can press F5 to create a new line in the new or old file and save it fine. I think it has more to do with how the .LOG option is triggering something in the system. I've even rebooted and turned off any TSRs.
    I'll keep researching but if anyone has any idea (other than just creating a new file when I reach 30K), I'd be interested and very appreciative.
  2. LookinAround

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    Check / try increasing your virtual memory. See THIS link from Microsoft on how to increase virtual mem

    /* edit */
    p.s. As to Microsoft's instruction, IMO I set initial size = maximum virtual memory. It's only means you allocate some extra disk upfront and avoids defragging the pagefile if Windows were to grow it from a lower init size
  3. gbhall

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    Try any other text editor, such as Notepad2. What is this about pressing F5 for a new line? You just press enter in any editor I ever used....

    And what is this about .LOG > Is that supposed to be the first line of the text file? What is that expected to do ?
    I rather think your are eventually forcing Vista to attempt to execute that file as a program, which would confuse vista even more than you are confusing me.....

    Normally, a text file would be a data control file, and you would use it in the RUN box it like this ..... someexe textdata.txt
  4. gbhall

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    Additional to my post above, if you are running an actual old DOS program, it will be a 16-bit executable, not a 32-bit one. Dos sub-systems from WinXp onwards often allow the DOS system more than 64Mb memory when it asks for 'all the memory available please', which causes all sort of problems because the memory made available cannot all be accessed by DOS. Usually causes just a freeze-up though, immediately or later.

    If it turns out that is the problem, there are means of restricting the memory permitted, but it is a bit convoluted, so I wont go into it now. One way to run badly-behaved old Dos programs no matter what, is in a virtual box with an actual installation of DOS in it. Quite a rigamarole, and you have to have a really good reason to do that, rather than digging out an old Win98 box.
  5. wenders

    wenders TS Rookie

    Why can't I fing the RAM I just added

    I increased the RAM on my desktop (running XP) fron 256 MB to 640 MB ( 512 +128) , but the system info still only shows 256 MB. I placed the RAM chips into different slots and in different combinations, but it never shows more than 256 MB. What am I doing wrong?
  6. gbhall

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    We need some detailed information that you can get by downloading and running Everest

    Then take the motherboard section and look at the motherboard, memory and SPD pages. If you can cut-and paste the results into your next post, so much the better. Other sections might be needed later.
  7. wenders

    wenders TS Rookie

    I downloaded the Everest program.
    Under "SPD" it showed:
    Device Description
    DIMM1: AMD (256 MB PC133 SDRAM)
    DIMM5: 512 MB PC133 SDRAM
    Under "memory" it showed:
    255 physical memory available.
    Why does the 512 MB not show up as physical memory?
    BTW, what is SPD anyway?
  8. medo997

    medo997 TS Rookie

    what would be the cause of this ?

    i'm getting that alot .. why is that ?
  9. medo997

    medo997 TS Rookie

    is it the ram ??

    means should i buy more ?
  10. gbhall

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    need the motherboard description now please. The most notable thing I see is your bios recognises the memory, but there is some deficiency in how it gets added together. Notice it goes DIMM1 and then DIMM5.

    What is DIMM2,3,4 ? It suggests you have two different types of memory chip, and your motherboard has maybe 4 rows of one and two rows of another available. This board must be quite old, I am having trouble remembering what the properties of a board like that were.....

    I am guessing, but it may be the full four rows have to be filled before the second set of rows can be used, or sometimes the chips can only be used in pairs - there used to be all sorts of restrictions, especially on server boards as I recall it.

    You now know the exact description of your motherboard, so go to the motherboard manufacturers site, and find the board. You can often download the actual motherboard manual, which will give you the gospel on how you can populate the memory. Shoving in any old memory chip is not it :D

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