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By DauthiMercenary
May 30, 2008
  1. I have run into a huge problem. I just finished putting my new computer together, it was all working just fine. I was in the middle of updating my motherboard drivers (Nforce 780i SLI) when I got this System shutdown. I have done some searching on the web about this blaster worm, but I cant seem to remove it. I am running XP media Center SP2, it takes forever for windows to load, I cant connect to the interent because when I updated my MB drivers, it unintalled the drivers to install the new ones. I suspect that the new drivers didnt get installed, because i have no network drivers, no usb, just my dvd drive. I am using my other computer to look this stuff up and burn onto a cd and load on my infected computer. I have tried installing the security updates from microsoft, but they just stop when it is inspecting my computer, I used fixBlaster , but it came up with nothing. I know how to override the shutdown, but I need data that is on my computer. I have tried installing the MD drivers, but it gets 95% done and then stops, then i get a error. I am running out of ideas on wat to do.
    Some1 please help me =(
  2. DauthiMercenary

    DauthiMercenary TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I just finished running microsoft malicious software removal tool, and it found 2 trojins and removed them. But I am still having the same problems. I am running the tool again, but I am not going to have time to finish it before i go to work. I also have a program from mcafee called stinger3, and another program but i dont got the name infront of me. I am going to try these if it doesnt work. If any1 has any ideas or suggestions, please let me know.
  3. 10yrtech

    10yrtech TS Rookie

    do u get a shutdown prompt shortly after bootup ?
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