Nvidia and AMD GPU prices are headed back to the stratosphere as availability worsens


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I wouldn't bother me if nVidia and AMD quadrupled their prices. I'm still not spending over a specific amount on hardware.


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AMDs official MSRP should be $380, this says 480 GBP. I they were truly at MSRP even though you don't need them you could be reselling them.
One of them is £420. Have you heard of google? They can show you shopping results. You would see that £480 is at the upper end of the pricing spectrum. Thats what I used to find these results. Im surprised you arent aware of it.

Oh and FYI a $380 card would cost £380 or so in the UK as we add 20% sales tax. And these cards are third party AIBs whose MSRPs are usually a little higher than the base price. This is normal pricing.

But the fact is 3060s are selling much bigger numbers for about £650.

This is due to the fact that in general PC gamers dont like Radeon unsurprisingly.