Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Laptop GPU Review

Squid Surprise

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It’s too bad you guys couldn’t get a laptop with a Ryzen 5000 series in order to see if the CPU limitations might decrease...

Plus, a one-off test might not give completely accurate data... I understand budget and availability dictate this choice.... but I can dream, right?


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Nice review, thanks.

I am curious: did the GPU ever go into boost mode ? If I undestood correctly, boosting only works if the CPU power usage allows for this which might not have been the case with this model.


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The naming is misleading and terrible, but the GPU itself performs rather well, at least in a high TDP configurations. I'm curious how lower power setups will do, though - 3070 at 115W outperforms an 80W version by 15-20% according to TechSpot's own benchmarks, I suspect here the difference might be even bigger.

Tom Yum

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So basically with ~20% more power than the laptop 3070 it produces 20% higher frames. That to me is not a ringing endorsement for the 3080, as it is likely a 3070 with a 135W power budget would produce similar frames. It'll be interesting to see how many of the cheaper 3080 equipped laptops use the 80W variant to reduce cooling costs and end up under performing the 3060.


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Can you do this rest again but this time with RT enabled in the games that have it please? This is because most users would turn RT on at this point, especially if they are only at 1080p and I’d quite like to see how these parts perform in a realistic use case scenario. Can’t fathom why anyone would spend thousands on a flagship GPU and turn RT off!



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The delta in performance is expected given the difference in specs between the desktop RTX 3080 vs the mobile version. The laptop version is not even running GDDR6X to begin with which itself will result in performance lost for a bandwidth hungry GPU. Might be interesting to see if TechSpot can get their hands on a Lenovo Legion 7 (16) with the full power (up to 165W) RTX 3080 16GB for testing, and to include RT performance.

Having said that, with most RTX 3070 and 3060 Ti being sold at insane prices, I think getting a mobile RTX 3080 may be the best way to get an Ampere card without paying tax to scalpers. Where I am living, the RTX 3070 are going for between 2.5 to 3x the launch day price. For high end cards from Asus, I.e. TUF and Strix, these may go even higher. With the higher TGP RTX 3080 mobile getting within striking range of the desktop RTX 3070 at 1440p, I think it could be a cheaper alternative to getting a desktop RTX 3070.