Nvidia RTX 4000 GPU series could surface as early as next summer


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TSMC 5nm for RTX 4000 series and re-using TSMC 12nm for some Turing chips too (RTX 2060 12GB rumour)

While still putting out Ampere at Samsung 8nm. Genius. Maybe even Ampere refresh at Samsung 5nm next year.

Everything will sell with ease in this market. Just sold a RTX 580 for 300 dollars haha. My dusty backup card.

Wake up AMD. Stop being 100% reliant on TSMC.
Maybe AMD should put out some GloFo 12nm GPUs again to fill the demand.

AMD had a golden oppotunity to gain GPU marketshare but dropped the ball.

This could get ugly when Intel enters dGPU market very soon, especially if pricing will be aggressive to gain marketshare faster. Luckily for AMD, Intel's GPUs are made at TSMC too, which is overbooked like crazy from tons of customers but Apple has priority over all.
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