Nvidia rumored to release a flagship Lovelace card with 48GB of GDDR6X, 18,176 CUDA cores,...


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48gb is PURELY for mining ... keeping all the data assets OUT of super slow main ram and avoiding paging to the RAM or the DRIVE.

This is the ''IT'' card for the next mining rush
memory size has very little to do with mining. You need 8GB for Ethereum and that will increase to 16 gigs if/when Ethereum hits the next difficulty increase. What matters is MEMORY SPEED. That's my AMD cards that used HBM2 memory chips were favored by miners.


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No one belived me to get 48 gb ram gpu. so now its real.
with ddr5 4800 mhz and up you could not
run low on gpu vram mem so easy anymore.
10 11 12 23 cpu and pcie 5.0 when I comes. gaming would just float like vr.