Nvidia unveils GeForce GTX 680M, high-end Kepler for laptops

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Jun 5, 2012
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  1. gwailo247

    gwailo247 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,010   +18

    So out of curiosity, how many years ago would this have been a top of the line desktop video card?
  2. Raswan

    Raswan TS Enthusiast Posts: 279

    Good question. Some stuff, like the 4GB of VRAM, make it top of the line now, while other stuff make it ~a year to a year and a half old.
  3. I think it's settled than, a 16" laptop with this graphics and some Ivy and I'll be a happy camper.
  4. gwailo247,

    HD7970 M is basically an HD7870. This card will beat HD7970M by 15-20%. So its performance is going to be closer to an HD7950/GTX580 on the desktop. It will easily outperform cards such as GTX570/HD6970.
  5. LNCPapa

    LNCPapa TS Special Forces Posts: 4,276   +461

    A 7970M is closer to a 7850 but running at 7770 performance.
  6. amstech

    amstech IT Overlord Posts: 1,936   +1,101

    The GT550M in my Dell L702X is 128bit, 40nm, has 144 Cuda cores and the stock GPU clock was 475mhz. (I run it at 550mhz and I haven't seen my GPU temps go over 65c) Great performing GPU when paired with my i5-2430M.

    If buying a laptop for 900p/1080p gaming I would go no lower then the GT 630M. Just my 02.

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