Oculus hires Valve VR expert Michael Abrash as Chief Scientist

By Shawn Knight
Mar 28, 2014
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  1. Many were understandably worried that Facebook's acquisition of Oculus VR would cause some VR pioneers to part ways with the company out of spite. Interestingly enough, the acquisition is having just the opposite effect as Oculus has managed to hire...

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  2. misor

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    All is fair in love and war... and business!

    I just remembered it now (again?). commander la forge of star trek next generation had a very ugly 'eye piece' before his 'next level eye repair'. maybe the miniaturization stage of the current oculus in the next decade or so will lead to something that is visually pleasant and not too cumbersome to use. while a different product class, in contrast, I like 'google glass'.
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  3. 9Nails

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    I cringe at the thought of Facebook owning Oculus. And that the Rift VR headset would become something with a cheesy Facebook name. "FaceTV" or "FaceMonitor" or "FaceVR" come to mind. But I think this might be a win for virtual reality. It now means that the Rift is a product that is backed by a major source of cash and can release. My growing concern is that parent companies don't like to invest and lose money. And the purchase of Oculus is something of a sunk cost as they're still developing a product. And I worry that Facebook might try to release a product too soon and it won't be as well received as if it had the polish that I imagine Oculus would have put in to it.

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