OCZ releases Vertex 4 SSD featuring Indilinx Everest 2 controller

By Shawn Knight · 8 replies
Apr 4, 2012
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  1. OCZ Technology has released the Vertex 4 SATA III solid state drive featuring the Indilinx Everest 2 controller. The San Jose-based company notes that the latest iteration in the Vertex…

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  2. My less-than-two-year-old OCZ Agility (Indilinx-based) SSD inexplicably bricked itself just yesterday, and I have no recovery options. I'll definitely be staying away from OCZ in the future.
  3. Ya I had some Vertex and Vertex 2 drives. When they worked they were great...but they were flaky occasionally which made me decide to go with Crucial this upgrade cycle..I want reliability more than anything and the reviews indicate that with Crucial SSD. So far so good. No more OCZ for me either.
  4. I’ve been thru two ‘bricked’ Vertex2 90g SSD’z and finally running stable on the last OCZ replaced for me which was an Agiliy3 120g SSD instead with a newer SandForce controller. In dealing with the first two RMA’z I realized that there was a rather LARGE amount of people experiencing the same problems I had on the Vertex2’z which makes me think the change to (and purchase) of the Indilinx technology wasn’t a coincidence.
  5. peperonikiller

    peperonikiller TS Member Posts: 75

    I had my original Vertex 30Gb die on me the other week :(

    3DCGMODELER TS Enthusiast Posts: 307   +18

    Crucial has a better than 80% chance at a full life..
    OCZ has a better than 30% chance at a full life...

    Hmmm.. A No Brainer.. Stay away from something that has had a bad History of failure rates..

    Crucial is what I am staying with, I had a couple for 2 yrs, and still screaming.. :) they are.
  7. amstech

    amstech IT Overlord Posts: 1,936   +1,101

    My Agility 2 is still rippin great.
  8. Twixtea

    Twixtea TS Rookie Posts: 86

    OCZ is a reliable company, they just got massive critics with sandforce on Vertex3's especially.
    But since the firmware updates my Vertex3 is really good in speed and also reliable (Not one single BSOD since).
    I won't be upgradin my SSD this soon for a Vertex4 though.
    Vertex5 or 6 maybe :D:D
  9. Darth Shiv

    Darth Shiv TS Evangelist Posts: 1,811   +472

    Yeap OCZ have done alright by me. Sandybridge + Vertex3 had some early firmware issues but running 2x Vertex 3s atm and they are absolutely brilliant. Haven't missed a beat and haven't had BSODs from them since very early firmwares.

    Performance is just night and day vs a hard drive.

    Will be watching the Vertex 4's with interest!

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