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By woodsman
Sep 11, 2009
  1. Bobbye, everything seems to be working ok for now so I'm not going to do anything elce. I have not gotten any more "stack overflow" messeges. I don't know why though. It only happened while on CNN, never any other site. 1 thing that made a difference though. I forgot I had Windows Defender on this computer and I had been using Super anti spyware also. So I went and removed the latter program to see if that helped, and things sped up a bit. Things have been hectic here. Kids have been sick and my 6 year old daughter lured a bunch of chickens into the dinning room! I was waiting for the dogs to see them and give chace and have the hens fly up into the ceiling fan. I'm getting to old for all this excitment. So thanks again my friend, your the best. Keep smiling ! Woodsman
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    Thanks for the update. I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall when those chickens were flying around! Oh the things kids do!

    You know the only processes you need on startup are the AV program, third party firewall if you have one and touchpad if on laptop. Some of the anti-malware programs get set up to run a scan every time you sign on. you have control over that two ways:
    Open the program itself and uncheck any setting to scan on startup.
    Take it off of the Startup menu using msconfig:

    Start> Run> type in msconfig> enter> Selective Startup> Startup menu> uncheck all but the programs mentioned above> Apply> OK> Reboot.

    Close the nag message that will come up the first time you startup after making any changes- check 'don't show message again' and close. Stay in Selective Startup.

    I'll bet you come across this mantra for msconfig before!

    Don't be too hard on the kids- but do get those chicks out of the fan!;)
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