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One Newbie, 2 bum upgrades and 3 trips to PC World

By fruitmouse
Jun 6, 2008
  1. I use the Amilo A 1650G (AMD 64 3400).

    What an awful day!
    Decided to upgrade to 1GB RAM and went to PC world where I was sold 2 x 512mb DDR2's which didn't even fit! Then back again to be told they had made a mistake and sold me a IGB DDR and me that I could put the 1GB RAM in one of the two slots and leave the other slot empty (I am sure I read that the Amilo A 1650G (AMD 64 3400) has a maximum capicity of 512mb per slot (is this right?). Anyway, it cost me £50 and this time it fit! I turned on my lap top and was amazed at the performance increase - until - about an hour in my screen went white with blue vertical stripes (what the heck is that?). This continued to happen throughout the day - sometimes white with blue strips, but the last three times just blank - and I had to force a shut down.

    Can anyone please shed any light on this for me? Are the upgrade and the white hanging screen connected (or have I damaged the screen while changing the RAM)? I am no computer expert and this was my first attempt at anything hardware related - what a farse!

    Anyway, I am back to my old laptop again, 512mb of ram - a bit slow - but alas, 40 minutes in and no blank hanging screen. Please, I just spent the past 8 hours on this, and I am deperate to know where it all went wrong - any feedback greatly appreciated.


    The 1GB RAM I used was: Kingston; DDR; 200 pin; SO-DIMM; 200 broches; compatible 400MHz (PC3200); 333MHz(pc 2700); 266MHz (PC2100); RMN1-400/1G; 2.6V.
  2. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,160   +460

    You said it yourself. The maximum capacity is 1GB in two slots. That's 512MB in each slot. You got the wrong RAM again.

    BTW, I checked to confirm this at the Fujitsu-Siemens website.
  3. fruitmouse

    fruitmouse TS Rookie Topic Starter


    That's awesome - I know very little about harware issues so it was all guess work - but good to know I was right. Those mad men at pc world are gonna have toi refund me now - thanks again. Just didn't want to go demanding my cash back without having all the facts first - now I can argue my case.
    Shame - cause it did run very fast - but just far too unstabe. Well some people on the Fuj Seimens board say my machine can be stretched up to 2 GIG - I don't think so after my
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