One of my Intel Core 2 Quad Processor Cores Has A Temperature Lower Than The Others?

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One of my Intel Core 2 Quad processor cores has a temperature consistently lower than the other 3 cores, WHY?

Hello. I have a question. I need to know the reason why one of my cores (Core 2) is running about 3-4 degrees below the temperatures of the other 3 cores on my Intel Core 2 Quad processor. Restarting and rebooting seems not to help, it is always the same core with the lower temperature. Is there something wrong with that particular core or something overly defective with the processor itself??? It rarely ever fluctuates and stays at 33 degrees Celsius. The other core temperatures are around 36-37 degrees at rest/idle and do frequently go up when an action is performed on the computer.

Please let me know what is going on with this consistent core 2 temperature and please provide me with a reason why this is happening. Is it something that is beginning to go with this processor? Is there anything that can be done about it to get all four (4) core temperatures in balance.

Thank you!


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Likely an insignificant problem. Something as simple as air flow within the case, or a variation of fan speed. I cannot see that it is anything to worry about, unless the higher temperature one is consistently over 64C.
I suppose you could interchange the two cores and see what changes result.


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if you are seeing any performance issues, it is likely a temperature sensor that is not up to par. have you tried a load test to see how far of it is from the others/ or possibly a different temp monitoring program to see if it reads the same? like Anasazi said probably nothing to worry about.
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