OnLive wants to bring its game streaming service to consoles


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OnLive is reportedly in talks with Microsoft and Sony about bringing its streaming service to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles. The revelation was made by the company's vice…

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...but Streaming countless hours of HD Video to play a game will result in most people being charge bandwidth overages.

Can someone here do the math? I have 60Megabit download and 3Megabit Upload with a 180Gigabyte Bandwidth limit per month (meaning streaming would be no problem but I think bandwidth would be). If I were to average 5 hours a day of gaming on OnLive in 1080p how much bandwidth would I use in a month?

Proof of my connection:


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If the licensing fees kicked back to the console companies are high enough, they'll no doubt love this idea. Getting a licensing fee for every OnLive sale, and no physical media to end up in second-hand shops, it's a win/win. But, OnLive needs to realize that licensing fees are HUGE for the console makers - they often sell the hardware at little margin (or even at a loss early on) and make the bulk of their money on the fee they get for every title sold for that hardware.

It'll be interesting to see how/if negotiations work out.


Most of the developed world does not yet have the broadband infrastructure
to meet the demands of such systems and probably won't for some time.
Not to mention 3rd world countries.

Someone needs to lay some serious pipe and make broadband
limits a lot higher or unlimited.