Opera 64 adds tracking blocker, speeds up loading times


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Opera already offers a number of beneficial tools. There’s its built-in ad blocker that removes the need for any extensions, cryptojacking protection, and a free and unlimited VPN proxy, which is also embedded within the browser itself.

With the newly released Opera 64, users now have access to a tracker blocker. The company says it will block trackers such as analytic scripts, tracking pixels, and other data collection methods, meaning items you showed an interest in won’t appear in ads across the web.

The feature uses the EasyPrivacy Tracking Protection List, and when used in conjunction with the ad-blocker, can improve page loading times by up to 23 percent.

“We consider the tracker blocker to be a browser feature which can be kept on at all times,” explains Opera PC product manager, Joanna Czajka. “Our browser, however, also has plenty of extended privacy features which come in handy when someone feels the need to increase the privacy of their browsing even further.”

Additionally, Opera has upgraded its Snapshot tool, allowing users to save an entire web page as a PDF and capture screenshots or specific sections. It’s also possible to draw and add text to the image and post it directly to Twitter, which should be welcome news for meme creators.

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Uncle Al

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Interesting ..... I've tried to install it and it gets stuck every time .... apparently it's so fast I can't see it!


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Opera is great browser especially on smartphone. However, the only reason I am forced to use google chrome is internal translation which I can not find this feature in any other browser

Darth Shiv

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In my opinion, Opera is by far the best browser.
I use it from time to time but tend to switch back to Firefox when some pages just don't render correctly or other bugs encountered. Good to see they are still going pretty strong though. Firefox extension ecosystem is pretty strong - hard to go without.
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