P.T. camera hack reveals ghostly secret

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P.T., the interactive psychological horror teaser from Hideo Kojima, is a gift that keeps on giving and its latest offering is rather unsettling.

Those familiar with P.T. may recall a hostile ghost named Lisa that torments the protagonist under certain circumstances but largely remains in the shadows. You’d get the feeling that she was right behind you but that was never confirmed... until now.

Twitter user Lance McDonald recently hacked the demo to lock the game’s camera which reveals that, as soon as you pick up the flashlight, Lisa attaches herself to your back and follows you around in a very frightening manner. That sounds creepy but it’s even freakier to see it in action.

Without the hack, turning around in the first-person game reveals nothing as she stays close to your back at all times.

After the game was cancelled, P.T. was removed from the PlayStation Store. Without an easy way to get or play it, the demo became somewhat of an urban legend.

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It would be many times scarier in VR as things seem more real. There's some decent scary games for VR out there, if you dare... Needless to say if I play them, I break stuff in my VR room and run into walls - and I'm not easily startled or really let that kind of thing get to me.
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Why dont gamers let this go?

it was a demo for crying out loud, I just don't understand the addiction to this.