Palm Tungsten E2 Photo Image on Desktop

By raybay
Jun 15, 2008
  1. Have a lady friend with a Palm on which she her son loaded an image of "camp" in the Media section. He then opened the image, and it replaced the "desktop" or plain system image with this camp photo. We cannot get rid of it despite a Hard Install, and total uninstall and reinstall of the Palm 4.14e download.

    The camp image makes it very difficult to see the other icons to click on, such as Adobe Reader, Bluetooth, HotSynch, favorites and so on.

    Anybody had a clue on how to erase this "stuck" photo image covering the entire startup screen?
  2. Daproblemis

    Daproblemis TS Rookie Posts: 46


    Is this the phone or the home computer? If it is the phone, go to images, or photos, not sure where it would be without seeing the phone. Delete the image, and all should be well.

    Any problems, email me.


  3. raybay

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    This is not a phone model... wireless PDA... but the image does not delete.

    This is the normal PDA, with bluetooth. All have a clear screen, but on this one, the client opened a photo she had stored in Media Manager, and it overwrote the plain screen image, and won't go away by any method I have tried, including a full Hard Reset. It behaves like an Icon... no\w always there.
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