Palm's tiny companion phone is now available as a standalone device

Shawn Knight

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The comically tiny Palm smartphone launched late last year is now available to purchase as a standalone product.

Palm markets its 3.3-inch device to digital minimalists and those with an active lifestyle that don’t want to be consumed or weighed down by a large phone. It could also be an attractive option for first-time phone owners and children.

Curiously enough, when the Palm phone launched as a Verizon exclusive in the US back in November, you could only get it as a companion device to your main smartphone. It shared the same number as your primary phone and acted as sort of a cross-over between a wearable and a full-fledged smartphone.

Now, the 3.3-inch handset is being offered on its own and at a lower price.

From now through the end of April, you can nab a Palm phone for just $199 from Verizon with a two-year agreement or device payment purchase. Even at $199, however, there’s reason to pause.

Unless you absolutely value a compact form factor above all else, there are much better options to choose from for the money – both in terms of value and usability. Reviewers found the phone to have lousy battery life, poor camera performance under low light, lackluster reception and performance that left a lot to be desired.

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Uncle Al

TS Evangelist
Now THAT is something that is bound to end up going through the washing machine a few times ..... I bet, I bet, I bet ......


TS Evangelist
Okay - it reminds me of the small 2.45 inch Android smartphones replicating an iphone (LOL) - but those are like £50.

And if I am not mistaken, there was another competitor in the same area (can't remember the name) which pulled a kickstarter campaign for a 3 inch device a few years ago.

Bottom line - both products have lousy battery life. The above mentioned 2.45 inch comes with two batteries - users report that it will not last half a day, hence the need for a second battery. Good for a joke or at most as a gym phone - cause you can keep your "motivational - push hard" songs there, but you can't fiddle with facebook or other like that due to its small screen.


TS Evangelist
There's a market for small phones but it's nieche and this one doesn't look interesting to me. Back to the drawing board for them.


TS Evangelist
Verizon exclusive AND a crappy product for excessive $$$. No thanks. The idea looks excellent, but you aren't going to capture your intended market with those problems.