Pay what you want and become a pro in machine learning using Python

By TS Dealmaster
Jul 12, 2018
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  1. So you want to make a career in machine learning? The Total Python Machine Learning Bundle will get you up to speed on the current breakthroughs in artificial intelligence. It's your one-stop shop for starting a career in machine learning.

    Included in the Total Python Machine Learning Bundle are 8 expert-led courses on Python and artificial intelligence. You'll come to understand deep learning with neural networks and how it applies to the world. Then, you'll become familiar with TensorFlow, NLP in Python, designing recommendation systems and implementing classification models via Python’s scikit-learn.

    Best of all, the Total Python Machine Learning Bundle is a Pay What You Want Deal. This means that you name the price for this 8-course bundle. If your price is greater than the average paid price, you'll walk away with the entire bundle. If your price is less than the average price, you'll still receive a large chunk of the bundle.

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