PB iStart 1359 ram question

By vale46
Dec 7, 2009
  1. Hi, just a quick question about this PC.

    I got this ages ago and dug it out for a friend to learn with, it has 1gig of DDR2 onboard (2x512) and i was just wondering if i could up it to 4gig ?

    The ram for sale sites tell me it can only have 2gig but i have 2 spare 2 gig strips that match and wondered if i would blow anything up putting them in like its the MB that cant handle anymore then 2gig !? i dont know ;p

    I know 32bit OS only use 3gig ish but i was more afraid of damaging something upping it to 4gig. (I know it wont see 4gig i just have them in a drawer)

    Hope you can help me out before i plug em in lol


  2. pcaceit

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    Go to your pc's or motherboards manufacturer's web site and look up the specs it will tell you what the max ram capability is.
  3. Tedster

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    you will not be able to use anymore than 3.1gb of ram if you have a 32bit operating system. Even if you install 4gb
  4. vale46

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