PC company Acer just unveiled an AI-packed, 35-pound e-bike


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What just happened? Acer is well-known and respected as a maker of laptops, PCs, monitors, and other PC-related accessories, but it isn't limiting itself to this area. The Taiwanese company has just announced the Acer ebii, an e-bike that could stand out from a crowded market thanks to its slew of features, including some AI smarts.

With its single-sided fork design and aluminum alloy frame, the single-motor ebii weighs just 35 pounds, making it lighter than most e-bikes. The 250/350 W motor with 48 V CAN bus and 40 Nm torque performance can push the bike up to 20 mph. It also boasts a 70-mile range after a single full charge, which takes two and a half hours to complete.

That's pretty impressive, but the main feature Acer is pushing is the ebii's AI/machine learning capability. It writes that the e-bike adapts to the rider's pedaling power, riding conditions, and preferred level of assistance. One given example is the e-bike's ability to automatically adjust motor output to provide effortless riding based on users' pedaling and route environment.

Acer writes that the AI can harness user insights through the ebiiGO companion app, which connects to the ebii via Bluetooth so riders can check recommended routes, battery life, riding speed, auto-unlock settings, and more.

Users can also access ebiiRide, an adaptive mission control app which can, among other things, adjust battery usage based on destination distance to ensure riders don't run out of juice before reaching their destination. It offers three modes: a power-saving Eco Mode, the speed-focused Boost Mode, and the My ebii Mode that's somewhere between the two.

The app is also used as a locking mechanism; ebii locks and unlocks based on the connected phone's proximity.

Elsewhere, the ebii's battery is easily removable and can be used to charge other devices, such as phones or laptops. Users can check its remaining power levels via the app or the smart LEDs on the handlebar.

The ebii also has extra safety features in the form of automatically illuminating headlights, a set of LED lights underneath the control box to improve visibility in the dark, and a rear collision warning radar that alerts the rider of motorists or objects approaching from behind.

Other specs include airless, flat-free tires made with multilayer foam inserts, a rust-free carbon belt drive, and an e-bike health status notification feature.

Acer didn't reveal availability or pricing. Given its long list of features, expect the ebii to be at the higher end of the price range.

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Dude I swear to god (im not even a believer, thats how bad it is)

why does everything have to be so futuristic and minimalistic looking
this looks like some grandmas service bike because if she moves her hips shell break them instantly
this looks like one of those chair lifts you see at old people homes but as a bike

if its gonna cost a lot, and be filled with crazy ai and features, it better look the price, make it badass and carbon fiber at least, make it dirt bike looking or somthing, not this sterilysed hospital aid transport


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This "AI" (BS term , it's only algos... nothing "intelligent" inside) Trend is getting ridiculous, but I'm still waiting for the AI-Toilet Paper, then my life will be complete.


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One given example is the e-bike's ability to automatically adjust motor output to provide effortless riding based on users' pedaling and route environment.
Wow, this bike assumes that you are a complete and utter ***** and can't figure out yourself when to give it more "gas" to overcome a difficult part of the road, like a hill, and you need some fake "AI" to do it for you. Maybe as an experiment for better things in the future it's useful.