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Jul 2, 2008
  1. My computer has suddenly started to reboot continually upon startup. As my desktop is about to load, the computer just stops and then reboots. It does this several times, until it finally stays on.
    In the event viewer, it has saved a memory dump everytime. Most of them (about 12) begin with 0x1000007E, but there is one beginning with 0x1000008E.
    Also, I changed the system setting that causes automatic reboot on an error, and the error that came up that time was
    "STOP: 0x00000050 (0xADC08055, 0x00000001, 0x8055ADCo, 0x00000000)"
    Looking back, I can find two 0x10000050 as well.
    The vast majority begin with 0x1000007E, though. none of the sets of four set of numbers is the same between them, however.

    I have attached the minidump for the dump saved when I had the reboot setting turned off (mini070208-01) and the most recent 0x1000007E (mini070208-02).

    in case you need these...
    computer desciption:
    Emachines T6520

    AMD Athlon 64 processor
    2.40 GHz
    512KB L2 Cache
    1600MHz FSB

    200GB hard drive
    1024mb DDR SDRAM

    ATI Radeon xpress 200 graphics
    don't know if any of this is needed, or if I need to tell more...
    this computer is completely stock, nothing has been changed, it is as it came out of the box 2 years ago.
    in the last few months, I have added no new programs, and have changed nothing.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. patrick713

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    btw, its windows XP
  3. Route44

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    0x50 and 0x8E are strong idicators of hardware issues. Your one minidump was 0x50 and it simply said the cause was hardware but didn't give anything else.

    Your secoond minidump was 0x7B: INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE

    Windows lost access to the system partition or boot volume during the startup process. Typical causes: Installing incorrect device drivers when installing or upgrading storage adapter hardware, or a virus.

    The driver cited was HSFHWBS2.sys which belonging to the software SoftK or SoftK56 Modem Driver or HSFHWBS by Conexant Systems (www.conexant.com) or Conexant Systems, Inc (www.conexant.com).

    1. Update your modem drivers.

    2. Scan for viruses, etc.

    3. Run MemTest on your RAM.
  4. patrick713

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    I had already scanned for viruses several times and came up with nothing. i Updated the modem driver, and the problem appears to be fixed....
    I have turned the PC on and off several times, and it has worked properly everytime.
  5. Route44

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    Good to hear! And thanks for getting back to us and letting us know.
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