PC turns on but nothing happens

  1. Hello, I started having problems with my PC like 1 month ago. My PC would reboot randomly and display a blue screen with a error message, I got like 5 different error messages during this past month (really wish I would've written them down, I recall one message that said something about unexpected kernel, not quite sure but something along the lines of that). Then at the start of June they suddenly stopped out of nowhere, I read online that updating my drivers would help, and so I did and it did the job, after I updated 4 drivers the random reboots stopped. However starting yesterday they returned, yesterday it was different though. My computer would reboot after almost exactly 5 minute of being turned on. So out of frustration that I basically wasn't able to do anything, I just turned it off and was hoping I could work on finding a fix the next day. So next day came (today) and I turned my computer on and there was nothing being displayed on my monitor, I hooked up my Xbox One to the monitor and it worked fine. However I hooked up my PC via hdmi to my TV, and I again; saw nothing displaying. So I'm certain it's something to do with my PC. I'm just not a big computer wiz, so I don't really know where to start trouble shooting or where to start searching for the problem. I found a video on YouTube showing steps to follow when this problem is encountered and I did two of them which was to remove the RAM sticks and then the other step was to take out the CMOS battery. Neither did anything. My computer just turns on and the fan starts up as well as everything else, however I get no beeps, nor does anything plugged into the USB slots turn on.
    It would be much appreciated if anyone could help me, or point me in the right direction to getting this solved.
    Before I posted this I decided to look through my browsing history, I found two of the five error codes I've gotten:
    "Page fault in non paged area"
    "Kmode exception not handled"
    Thanks again, sorry I know it's a lot of reading .
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    Need to start at basics and work up. Concept is a 'troubleshooting tree'. First step is to see if we can get PC to POST (power on self test).

    Google on "PC won't POST" and read some of the messages, look at some YouTube video essays...

    Make notes, arrange in logical manner (I usually start with least cost / easiest to do), take steps, make notes.

    Then, if we have POST but Windows won't start, we look into Repair Windows.

    Once Windows is repaired and the operating system lets you in, we turn off 'automatic restart on error' (which allows you to read the Blue Screen) and take steps to fix any bad drivers, corrupted programs, or locate failing/flaky components.

    Google is your friend (or Bing or Yahoo if you prefer). Lots of folks have had similar problems and you can learn a lot from them.

    If you ask for help at a forum, you have to offer careful details (OS, system specs w/ model numbers, accurate descriptions of issues as they occur, sounds/smells/sights, 120v/240v electric system, region you are located) - you are the 'eyes, nose & ears'.
  3. harm9963

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    Replace with NEW CMOS battery.

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