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PC mega slowed, freezing and hanging on welcome window

By Ericpcfool
Jul 14, 2012
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  1. Hey all... All of a sudden pc ... Has slowed to almost unuseable speed.

    OS. Win7 64
    Core i7
    6G ram

    So far I've run a few virus scans eset online and avg with no detects , I've also checked the HDD with a win scan no errors.

    Also I have defraged and run cc cleaner to check reg.

    Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated ..... Not the best with computers ...so any other info that may help ...let me know.

  2. Dawn1113

    Dawn1113 TS Booster Posts: 322   +65

    Hi there, Eric.

    I suggest you check task manager to see whether any program is hogging resources. You may also want to check out Windows' performance troubleshooter. Go to Control Panel. You should see a "Troubleshoot common computer problems" option under the Action Center heading.

    How are your temps? Also, is AVG the only anti-virus software you have on your machine?

    How many programs do you have running at start up? Are your drivers up to date?

    How much space is left on your OS drive?

    I apologize for all the questions. They do help others arrive at a diagnosis as any number of things can slow a PC down.

    I would suggest you list your complete system specs, as well -- just in case.

    Good luck and do stick around. There are a good number of knowledgeable members who may be able to offer more help. Will be back to check on your thread, though. :) I'll try to help -- even if it's just to keep your thread up until the more tech savvy members are able to get to it.
  3. Ericpcfool

    Ericpcfool TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hey thx for the reply !

    Nothing seems out of the ordinary in task manager temps are fine for CPU and gpu.

    Specs afaik are . Win7 home premium 64bit,intel core i7 920 @2.67GHz,6 GB ram,ati radeon hd 5800.

    All drivers are update except gpu (I've tried to update it but it keeps failing as pc freezes)

    7 programs are run on startup all known to me except JMB36X IDESetup C:/Windows/Raidtool/xInsIDE.exe

    There is 328G left on the OS drive .

    Thx again for looking at this.

    Oh and yea avg is the only anti virus on this pc. :(

    Another note: when the computer is restarted it hangs for maybe 20 mins .... As soon as windows opens up there is a pop up dos cmd? Window which shuts a few seconds after.... Then windows tells me curse client is trying to install from the Internet,which I cancel.

    I've had curse installed on this pc before but it was removed maybe 3 months ago... Not sure if this is part of my problem or not.
  4. Ericpcfool

    Ericpcfool TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Close pls I've decided to reformat. Thx.

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