PC reinstall/new replacements to Windows 11 - is it possible to retain/move over user data and app settings?

In our Helpdesks we use a lot of time securing data on peoples PC’s when PC is reinstalled or replaced and also setting up things making the users capable of carrying out their work as fast as possible..

In that process we spend much time moving stuff over, helping with browser favorites, cached (forgotten) homepage passwords etc.

Looking straight into a major company-wide upgrade to Windows 11 (reinstalls and replacements) I'd like some way to move over not only data (most are on OneDrive) but more the whole user desktop setup, shortcuts, browser favorites etc.

There must be better ways than just copying data and (some) settings over and I did find some apps claiming to be able to move over user profiles.
However I cannot find much about migration to Windows 11 and specifically going from Windows 10 to Windows 11.